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We are committed to provide service of protection of our customer’s personal data in a way that we collect only essential basic information about our buyers that are necessary for fulfilling our obligations. We also inform our customers about the way we collect information and regularly give customers an option about how their information will be used, including the possibility to decide whether their name should be included or omitted from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user information is strictly guarded and are available only to the employees who need that information for completing the job. All our employees and business partners are responsible to follow the principles of confidentiality protection.



Please refer to our terms and conditions page.



The customer make car booking via the electronic order form. A customer is considered to be any person who electronically reserve at least one vehicle, fills in the required information and sends the order. All prices are expressed in Bosnian KM, with included VAT. The buyer additionally has the option of displaying prices in EURO, US dollars, Sterling Pound and UAE Dirhams. Vehicles are ordered electronically, by clicking on a specific vehicle displayed on safarirents.com.

The vehicle is considered ordered at the moment when the buyer chooses and confirms the method of payment.



Vehicle booked and ordered services are paid online with one of the credit cards: MasterCard, Maestro or Visa.



The seller is obliged to deliver a product that is technically correct and corresponds to the product description listed on www.safarirents.com. The image illustrating the vehicle on the website does not have to correspond to the actual appearance of the vehicle and the customer cannot make complain about this segment. In the event of a technical malfunction of the vehicle, the seller assumes full responsibility to fix the vehicle within 3 hours or provide a replacement. In case of the above the customer has no right to request a refund.



  • The renter is obliged to take care of the vehicle, keep it and it is not allowed to be used by anyone else other than the person specified in the rental agreement, nor is it allowed to use it contrary to traffic and legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • It is not allowed to use the vehicle to transport persons, or other persons’ items or property for a fee.
  • It is not allowed to transport more passengers than the designed capacity of the vehicle.
  • It is not allowed to carry prohibited substances or items that may cause damage to the vehicle due to their excessive weight, odor, or condition, or that will prevent or delay the Company in the next rental of the vehicle.
  • It is not allowed to use the vehicle to push or tow any other vehicle, trailer, or anything else.
  • It is not allowed to use the vehicle for racing, testing, competition, or any illegal purpose.
  • It is not allowed to drive on unpaved roads, macadam, or forest roads.
  • It is not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, psychoactive substances, drugs, sedatives, or any other substances that weaken consciousness or ability to react.
  • It is not allowed to sub rent the vehicle (rent it from the renter).
  • It is not allowed to drive a vehicle outside B&H except with the written consent of the Company, and after submitting all the necessary documentation by the renter.
  • It is not allowed to drive a vehicle in geographical areas that the Company has notified to be prohibited or pose a danger to the renter or the vehicle.


The renter undertakes and agrees to:

  • Take responsibility for all legal consequences and obligations, to bear all costs, expenses, and compensation to the Company for any losses incurred to the Company and any damage that occurs on the vehicle, resulting from the renter’s violation of the above conditions of use, in accordance with this Agreement.
  • All above conditions apply to all vehicles of Safari rent a car, and Safari rent a car shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any rented vehicle caused by non-compliance with the above terms and conditions.



SAFARI RENT A CAR d.o.o. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. All changes will be applied to the use of safarirents.com pages. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered during the purchase. The services provided by safarirents.com do not include the costs you incur using computer equipment and services to access our site. SAFARI RENT A CAR d.o.o. is not responsible for telephone costs, Internet traffic or any other costs that may be incurred. Webshop compliance instructions Monri – member of Payten 8 Although the SAFARI RENT A CAR d.o.o. strives to provide the best possible offer of services, SAFARI RENT A CAR d.o.o. cannot guarantee that the services on safarirents.com will meet your needs, nor can it guarantee that the service will be error-free. If an error occurs, please report it to our Contact Centre or e-mail info@safarirents.com in order to correct it as soon as possible.



  • Requests and reservations are accepted via our website or e-mail, telephone or personally at the main office.
  • As the reservation would be valid the user needs to give authorization payment in the minimum amount of €100.
  • The advanced payments can be effectuated ONLINE/BY CREDIT CARDS  or  personally at the main office.
  • The final settlement is carried out at the return of the vehicle and contract termination.
  • Specified prices are informative and SAFARI RENT A CAR d.o.o reserves the right to make changes. The change of the reservation is possible only in writing or through the website.
  • For additional information the SAFARI RENT A CAR d.o.o  is at your disposal:  phone +387 66 00 88 66,  +387 66 00 88 55, e-mail: info@safarirents.com



  • If the renter does not show up on the term agreed for the rental, he/she will be charged €100.
  • If canceled up to 48 hours before the pick-up term, no fee will be charged. If does not make a cancellation or give notification 48 hours in advance, he/she will be charged €50.